Is your business Fit for GDPR?

GDPR is here. As of May 2018 the new  legislation is in force. Are you ready?


GDPR requires strength at the core of your business

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is now in force. Intended to improve personal data protections and increase accountability for data breaches, it is perhaps the most comprehensive data privacy standard to date. It brings with it the potential for crippling fines of up to 4% of annual turnover or 20 million euros (whichever is greater). The regulation presents a significant challenge for organisations that process the personal data of EU citizens, regardless of where the organisation is headquartered.

Is your business fit for GDPR compliance?

Being fit for GDPR


The question, “Are you fit for GDPR?” is a complex one with many aspects to consider.

Among the many concerns:

  • Do you understand the risks to the systems where personal data is processed?
  • Are you prepared to respond to a breach in accordance with Articles 33 and 34?
  • Can you respond to a data subject’s request to ‘be forgotten’?


If you have checked your compliance and audited your data, you should know what you process, on what legal grounds, who has access and understand the lifecycle of captured personal data. Establishing that information is one of the key criteria to being fit for GDPR. You should also have implemented data protection by design, and by default.

Key requirements:

  • Policy, Process and Procedure documentation
  • Incident Response/Breach notification response plan
  • Legal documents (including: consent, data processing agreements & contracts)
  • Technical measures implementation


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